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27 июн 2021, 13:01


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I installed the colormfa this weekend and i am very happy with it, it works super!
I only notice that i have a issue with the left display for date and time, i have it always on 24h setting but for some reason it only displays 12h am/pm.
I checked the settings from my car and thats on 24h setting.
Also the date disappeared, only when i want to manually set the date with the mode button the date appears but when i confirm the date with the same mode button it disappears, so strange :unknown:
Sometimes it automatically adjust the time to normal 24h but i thought that when i play in the mfa menu the time adjusted back to 12h setting.
I allready checked the forum and noticed I reply from someone that colormfa don’t change the time settings but maybe someone else had this problem before for some reason?

Best Regards Andre
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In the installation instructions there is a paragraph on changing the cluster encoding.
You didn't. For A4 B7 this is an important point.
You must do this prior to installation. Or immediately after installation (without pressing the control buttons).

Cluster (17-Instrument) -> Adaptation (10-Adapation) -> Channel 19
Change value to x10xx (x - current value, do not change).

Now you will also need to go through all the adaptation channels and check that all values are set correctly. Then turn off the power from the dashboard (fuse No. 15) for 1-2 minutes.
Добавьте данные об автомобиле в подпись (профиль -> подпись). Чтоб не спрашивать постоянно... :)
Please add info about your car to you signature (profile -> edit signature). To not ask every time... :)
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27 июн 2021, 13:01


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Thanks for this fast reply!

You are correct! Ahhh That is indeed something i forgot to do before or after the installation.
Thanks for the great support 👍🏻