firmware v2.9.4_b23

Firmware updated.


  • fixed: mirror control for automatic transmission (B5)
  • change: units for UK and US
  • fixed: navigation show (VW and Audi)
  • fixed: some diagnostics issues
  • fixed: oil level warning for some diesel engines
  • add: bonnet check for Audi А2 if bonnet connected only to dashboard (TrInput 9)
  • add: show current speed in top of screen in navigation mode (Audi)
  • add: selection of main color
  • add: Spanish language (interface and diagnostics)
  • add: Czech language (interface only)
  • add: Italian language (interface only)
  • add: Polish language (interface only)
  • add: Slovenski language (interface only)
  • add: check Dynamic Headlight Range Control error for B5 (TrInput 12)
  • add: display off function (press and hold “down” button on main screen)
  • add: options for enable/disable navigation
  • add: options for navigation show priority
  • add: simple helper to shift up/down gear with selectable rpm (manual transmission)