firmware v2.9.4_b32

Firmware updated.


  • changed: updated support of original TPMS
  • fixed: sleep mode issue (A4(8E), A3(8P), A2)
  • fixed: some small bugs in BAP protocol
  • fixed: coffee-break settings
  • added: support original BiFuel cars (gas + petrol)
  • fixed: small bugs in Extended Info screen
  • added: more values on Extended Info screen
  • changed: faster update ‘boost’ on screen
  • changed: ‘boost’ calibration from analog sources
  • added: Trip2 data to main selection of displayed values (disabled hot key for switching Trip1/Trip2)
  • added: consumption at idle on bottom of screen
  • added: display selectable or fixed data in ‘OK’ area (if there are no errors)