firmware v2.9.4_b25

Firmware updated.


  • fix: diagnostics (CAN and K-line)
  • fix: audio/navi works for A3/TT
  • change: brigthness control in automatic mode
  • fix: service reminder calculation
  • add: black background
  • add: white theme
  • add: manual select boost source – CAN or analog input (Т5)
  • add: French language
  • add: Dutch language
  • add: Romanian language
  • add: calibration of the displayed speed
  • add: hot key (long press “Up” on main screen) for quick brightness change (manual brightness mode)
  • add: coffee-break warning message
  • add: seat-belt warning icon (if supported in car)
  • add: “gauges mode” for some values
  • add: “graph mode” for some values
  • change: oil level calculation (experimental)
  • optimize code speed and flash usage size